9 Best integrated dishwashers to Buy in 2022: Perfect for small Kitchen

Best Integrated dishwashers are considered essential when it comes to living in a packed cozy place. With the production of them witnessing a recent spike, we have compiled for you a list of our favorite integrated dishwashers. These have managed to pass various tests and are surely the best in this category.

Being a working woman, I suffered a lot from this problem until the dishwasher becomes a part of my kitchen. Before this, I used to avoid the cleaning of dishes. There had been a pile of dirty dishes in my kitchen and the unpleasant smell coming from them used to irritate me a lot. But now, I enjoy this task.

The only thing that I do now is just going to my kitchen, open the best dishwasher, and put the dirty stuff in it. After a few minutes, they came out as well cleaned. The dishwasher not only saved my time but also helped me in consuming less energy for this hectic task.

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Best Integrated Dishwashers List

Best Integrated DishwasherRatingCheck Price
Hoover H-Dish Integrated Dishwasher⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Whirlpool WIO 3O33 DEL UK Integrated Dishwasher⭐⭐⭐⭐
Zanussi ZDV12004FA Fully Integrated Dishwasher⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Miele G715 Fully Integrated Dishwasher⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Bosch Series Integrated Dishwasher⭐⭐⭐⭐
Smeg DI12E1 Fully Integrated Dishwasher⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
ElectriQ 14 Place Fully Integrated Dishwasher⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Fisher DD24STI9N Fully Integrated Single DishDrawer⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Danby DDW621WDB Dishwasher⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This Hoover Dishwasher is perhaps the best balance between technology and space. With its stylish integrated design,  it goes well with almost all kitchen settings and fits right in. This dishwasher is made to cater to huge crowds using its 13 place settings and five different wash programs to clean up at an astonishing rate.

Hoover does not only believe in cleaning things up but also doing it the right way. With its intensive 75C system, all dishes are sterilized and Hoover-HDI-1LO38SA-Full-Size-Dishwashersanitized automatically, eliminating up to 99.9% bacteria and germ contamination.

Moreover, with its A+ energy rating and eco wash settings, the machine can go on for about 170 minutes and that too on four different temperature settings.

Running late and still have dishes waiting to be washed?  Trust your Hoover H-Dish Dishwasher to take care of this. With the 29-minute rapid wash cycle, the machine takes care of all soiled dishes whereas by making use of the smart technology installed,  you can take this a step further.

The Hozier Wizard Application along with the voice assistant allows you to command and dictate what to wash to your dishwasher even when you are not present there physically! So when you arrive back home, the first sight you see is that of your cleaned dishes rather than the pending ones yet to do.

Brand name:Hoover
Model Number:HDI 1LO38SA
Place Settings:13 Place Settings
Wash Programs:5
  • Smart controlling using its app.
  • Automatic door opening for fresh air drying.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Equipped with sanitizing and cutlery holding features.
  • One year manufacturer guarantee
  • Beeps on cycle ends are loud and prolonged .
  • Installation can be technical and hard
  • Fixed Hinge


With its ability to fit in limited space, eco-friendly features, and promising cleanliness, Whirlpool WIO has also made it to this list. Starting with its intelligent sensors that adapt water pressure according to the amount of dirt, Whirlpool WIO uses powerful water jets to clean every minute mark from the dishes.

This combined with its additional third rack loads all of your crookery and allows them to be cleaned in one go only.Whirlpool-WIO-3033-Dishwasher

Along with the 14 place settings installed for the user, the start delay feature gives the user complete control of when to start and stop the next cycle based on their convenience.

Additionally, by using easily foldable racks and tines, you can make up or remove space as per your requirement whereas the latest Extra space feature allows vertical loading of pots as well!

WIO whirlpool dishwasher offers this spacious loading all the while promising an only hour-long wash and dry program to save the loader’s time and energy, making it the most reliable and convenient best integrated dishwasher.

Lastly, this quick and stainless cleaning is done at an incredibly low volume and offered to the buyer for an affordable rate.

Brand name:Whirlpool
Model info:WIO 3O33 DEL UK
Capacity:0.38 Cubic Feet
Capacity Cycle:14 Place Settings
Weight:35.5 Kg
  • Flexible space and adjustable racks.
  • Power clean within an hour.
  • Quiet and peaceful.
  • Backed by 2 year manufacturer Warranty.
  • Drying pressure is considerably less.
  • Flimsy

Final Verdict:

To conclude,  Whirlpool WIO dishwasher is an incredibly dependable one and made to be highly convenient for the user and their requirements. For the rate, it is offered at, it's surely exceptional at its job.


The Zanussi ZDS12002WA Integrated Dishwasher is made to lighten the chore of washing dishes by a tremendous margin. With its sharp slim design,  it fits into all compact spaces and saves bills through its energy rating.

Moreover, the 9 place settings in one cycle allow easy washing of about five to six members while the quick wash and intensive cycle Zanussi-ZDV12004FA-9-Place-Slimline-Fully-Integrated-Dishwasherprograms make washing dishes a job to only overlook rather than doing it themselves.

Along with this, the foldable cup shelves and height-adjustable upper basket features in this Zanussi dishwasher are widely adored.

By installing the Rise and hold program, any pending dishes are already washed to eliminate the release of bad odors or toxins in the kitchen.

Not only this,  with an automatic reminder for salt and refill installed, this best integrated dishwasher only rests after its job has been entirely completed.

Furthermore, the 70C intensive care program of Zanussi Slimline Integrated Dishwasher has made it possible to get the dirtiest of all pots as cutlery cleaned within 89 minutes only.

Finished with easily comprehended symbols and 9.5 liters water consumption element, Zanussi 9 Place Slimline is here for competition only.

Brand name:Zanussi
Model info:ZDV12004FA
Installation Type:Fully integrated
Capacity Cycle:14 Place Settings
Weight:30.8 Kg
  • Affordable Rate.
  • Quick Air Dry facility.
  • Easy and pleasant to use.
  • Adjustable top and cutlery basket.
  • Cutlery basket is intrusive and its handle cumbersome.
  • Automatic door opening after cycle releases steams.

Final Verdict:

The bottom line is that Zanussi Slimline Integrated dishwasher is one of the best ones at doing its job while being an eco-friendly and affordable dishwasher on the user’s hand.


Miele’s new dishwasher is a reliable and incredibly automated machine, to say the least. With its 60cm width and up to 14 place settings, it is perfect for middle-sized families. While the latest 3D multiflex tray and height-adjustable options allow for all cutlery equipment to be fitted in and cleaned.

In addition to this, Miele’s quick power wash feature consumes merely 58 minutes to scrap the tiniest bit of dirt from all the crockery and Miele-Dishwasher-Fully-Integratedoffers maximum performance at all times. This cleaning is followed by an automated open door and fresh air drying to remove moisture and leave them clean and ready to use.

Have delicate glassware that you are too afraid to wash in the dishwasher? Miele’s G715 takes care of this through its Express and Intense zoom options which reduce the cycle time to half its value while increases the power in the lower basket for soiled dishes.

The most surprising aspect is that it manages to do this all without making any loud and obnoxious noises but instead is so quiet that you might forget that it's on.

  • Quick power wash and auto air open drying.
  • Best Integrated Dishwasher
  • Automated with wiFi connectivity.
  • Makes little to no noise.
  • Adjustable and wide enough to facilitate all crockery.
  • Expensive.
  • Open air dry cleaning does not cover mugs top and bottom.


A combination of smart tech and flexibility, Bosch’s Serie 4 Slimline dishwasher has surely paved its way to the very top with its latest technology and features. To start with,  the VarioDrawer installed allows for easy loading of smaller utensils and makes up for an additional level.

With its 14 different settings in the place,  this best integrated dishwasher is flexible and adaptable to various circumstances. The triple rackmatic design Bosch-SPS4HMW53G-Serie-4-Slimline-10-Place-Fully-Dishwasherallows basket and rack adjustment even after it has been loaded and ensures maximum flexibility through this.

Still afraid of loading glassware into dishware? Lose this fear because Bosch makes use of a specific glass rack to secure these items in the lower rack. Moreover, the glass protection detail regulates the water's degree of hardness to eliminate any chance of corrosion or damage to the glassware.

Whereas the Intensive zone option increases spraying pressure and temperature in accordance with the soiled pots and pans dirt level to allow them to be thoroughly cleaned.

The Amazon Alexa app has surely made washing dishes easier. By the simple installation of the app,  dictate to your Bosch Serie 4 dishwasher about what to do next. Not only this, the home connect tab in this app allows you to check washing progress digitally and recommends the right washing program to you after inputting essential data.

Finally, the load sensor makes sure that not even a drop of water is wasted while the dishwasher does its job at an unbelievably quiet level.

Brand name:BOSCH
Capacity Cycle:10 Place Settings
Noise Level:45 dB
  • Home connect for easier communication.
  • 24-hour delay to suit user convenience.
  • Water protection to prevent wastage and flooding.
  • Energy efficient with an A+ rating.
  • Backed by 2 year warranty
  • Difficult to Install.

Final Verdict:

Bosch Serie 4 is surely a commendable dishwasher and is here to make its buyer’s life easier and more convenient. Although difficult to install, once set up there is little to no chance of the user running into any further problems.


Another hit in this list, the Smeg 12 Place Dishwasher has surely outdone others with its unique programs and eco-friendly system. Initially, the soak program installed runs to prevent the dirt from drying and sticking on the surface.

This is followed by cleaning using its five washing temperatures and orbital wash system with contracting arms to clean every part of the Smeg-DI12E1-12-Place-Fully-Integrated-Dishwashercrockery thoroughly. Smeg dishwasher in this way ensures the complete elimination of the dirt from the dishes in a single go.

To add to this,  the HYCLEAN option does a final rinse at a temperature of 70 degrees and higher, eradicating any possible germs and bacteria on the surface. The new glass holders secure glasses and mugs stability while minimizing watermarks on them.

Perhaps the most applauding is its Aqua stop application used to regulate water levels, detect leakage, and automatically turn the switch off to prevent any spillages, leaving little work left for the user to do.

By making use of its quick wash program, Smeg DI12E1 ensures cleaning of all dishes within a short interval of 27 minutes. Inclusively, its residual heat drying technology makes it friendlier economically and financially for the user and their bills. Salt level and rinse aid indicator are the final touches added which make the washer a perfect example of best integrated dishwasher.

Brand name:Smeg
Capacity Cycle:12 Place Settings
Energy Efficiency:A+
  • 12 Place settings capacity.
  • 5 different programs to choose from
  • Orbital wash system to achieve maximum coverage.
  • Backed by 2 year warranty
  • Opening and closing can be noisy.

Final Verdict:

This product is another five star by Smeg but if you are someone who gets worked up over noises quite fast, you might have to miss out on this exceptional dishwasher this once.


This spacious 14 place dishwasher is another addition to our list of favorites. ElectriQ 14 uses six different cleaning programs including the Rapid Wash which cleans the dishes within 30 minutes only. This also includes an Intensive mode to scrap dried dirt from the dishes and provides optimal cleaning on all given modes.

Moreover, the smart half load feature makes use of perhaps wasted water to clean smaller utensils and reduce time to load the machine for another washing. With its 24-hour time delay button, ElectriQ takes care of user convenience and allows them to do the washing according to their suitability and requirement.

While it's open-air drying easily rips off moisture from the washed crookery and saves electricity this way.

Clever design is another major plus of this dishwasher. Its discreet nature combined with its ability to suit middle-sized families makes it perfect for compact kitchen spaces whereas the height adjustability of the upper basket accommodates crockery accordingly.

Furthermore, the A++ energy efficiency rating lessens the load on the user's bills and finances, making it the perfect fit for everyone.

Brand name:Electriq
Part Number:WQP12-7703G
Capacity Cycle:14 Place Settings
Energy Efficiency:A+++
  • Automatic open door drying.
  • Half load option for fewer items.
  • Fully integrated style saves the kitchen room.
  • Equipped with a 24-hour timer delay.
  • Simple and easy controls
  • Trays are flimsy and hard to load.
  • Door springs up while loading and unloading
  • Poor stacking system

Final Verdict:

For a rate this cheap, There ought to be some problems that the user eventually runs into. Although the design and systems might not be reliable in the long go, EletriQ 14 still offers a variety of Compatible features at a price this low.


Ready to take up any challenge, Fisher Paykel Fully Integrated Dishwasher is made to be the most flexible and technological dishwasher present. To begin with its minimalistic integrated design, this dishwasher fits right in with any type of kitchen and gives it an overall modern look.

Flexible racking and easily height adjustable bench give the user complete authority to make arrangements according to their requirements.


Secondly, Fisher through its true half-load feature prevents any wastage of water and allows simultaneous running of wash cycles to accommodate different loads. Made to be energy and eventually economically saving, Fisher’s uniqueness shines through its knock to pause function.

The simplest way to pause or resume, this machine eliminates the use of complex remotes for controlling and uses a much more basic and convenient one.

Finally, with its brushless dc motor working as both washing and draining pump,  greater reliability is provided while the spray arm rotates at different chosen speeds to scrape every dirt off and offer the cleanest dishes.

Through its quick wash and sanitizing feature, cleanliness with the elimination of germs is ensured whereas the Extra dry feature is made to suit plastic dishes conveniently. All of this is done without making any obnoxious sounds and maintaining a peaceful environment.

Brand name:Fisher & Paykel
Control Console:Fully Integrated
Capacity Cycle:7 Place Settings
Cycles:15 Cycles | 3 Options
  • NSF sanitization standards met by wash program.
  • Simple and easy knock to pause and key lock feature.
  • Eco friendly.
  • Secure child lock feature.
  • Flexibly racking and foldable tines
  • Expensive.

Final Verdict:

Fisher Paykel surely manages to outdoes other products with its thought-through ideas and conveniently styled work techniques. Although a bit too pricey, once bought the dishwasher promises to lessen bills and only go high on the user favorite list.


Are you looking for an efficient, compact, and affordable dishwasher? Then Danby DDW621WDB  Dishwasher should be your perfect match! Dishwashing is now made easier and less time consuming with this space-saving and affordable Danby countertop dishwasher which will leave your dishes sparkly clean just as any other expensive dishwasher.

Its lightweight and easy to install body is specially designed for small kitchens and apartments.


This stylish dishwasher only uses up to 11 to 12 liters of water and there are six different types of wash cycles ranging from the soak, glass, Danby-DDW621WDB-Countertop-Dishwasherrapid, economy, normal and intensive. With occupying less space in your kitchen, it also doesn’t require a lot for installation. You can easily set it up by yourself.

This affordable dishwasher is a star energy saver that will help in cutting down your bills as compared to other dishwashers. It requires less energy requirements and does all the work.

One of the other advantages is that it’s very quiet and doesn’t make a lot of noise while working. It also has a built-in heater which helps in drying out the washed dishes, however, it won’t get as heated up to the level that it may burn your hand like other dishwashers do with built-in heaters.

Although it’s comparatively small in size but it can accommodate large plates so you can easily wash big plates in this model.

It comes with a faucet adapter that is compatible with most kitchen faucets. This model has a lot of various options that are easy to monitor due to the LED display. It also contains a detergent dispenser and rinse agent dispenser.

Brand name:Danby
Model info:DDW621WDB
Capacity:11.7 Liters
Option Cycles:6
  • Energy star
  • Best Rated Dishwasher
  • Efficient cleaning quality.
  • Light weight.
  • Less water consumption.
  • 6 different wash cycles
  • Led display
  • Easy to install and use
  • Can wash number of utensils at one time
  • Not able to wash greasy/oily dishes.
  • No timer to show time left.
  • Large pots can’t fit in

Final Verdict:

This dishwasher is a value for money and the amount of happy customer base is considerable. It is undoubtedly one of the best manufactured by Danby.


Best Integrated Dishwashers have surely made headlines with their features and attracted many customers. However, with multiple best dishwasher brands promising to supply with their unique and efficient integrated washers, it is vital to first predefine your own needs.

Whether you prefer a quiet dishwasher or loud noise is insignificant along with how much load you plan to wash in that specific machine, all these specifications have to be made beforehand and only after looking and comparing various dishwashers and their efficiency should you decide on a final product.

This list concludes our favorites in this category which managed to grip our eyes with their advanced features and sleek design. Now is the time to decide, which ones are yours?

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